Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mysterious Mint Herb

Can someone tell me what kind of mint this is, if it is a mint. I think it might be stevia. But I am not 100% sure. Here are the pics.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cool Herb Ideas

I just found this site while browsing the web, and it looked kind of cool. Then when I started looking into it, I realized that it is really quite an amazing design. I mean it would take quite a bit of work, but everything is right there for you. I think I might make the thyme one that was very very clever. I would love to get in touch with whoever makes these, they seam very cool.

Garden designs-click here

I love all the designs especially the tea garden one and of course who couldn't be charmed by the thyme one! They are all 8 by 8 feet and I think are great. The only thing you might want to do is switch some of the herbs if they don't fit your climate or weather of your area.
Thinking about redesigning, I am going to make one of these gardens myself and then I'll post it here as an attachment or I might get it in as a picture, either way.
On the topic or herbs, I have a mysterious mint variety that I can't remember what kind it is, and being me, I lost the tag. I think it might be stevia (if stevia is minty...). I'm going to take a picture of them and post it, so be looking out!It has purple flowers that grow tall and I have to prune it pretty darn frequently.
I'm really hoping that someone out there will know the answer...I am expecting that someone will know the answer.

Home Depot Deals

Check out this site. You can sign up for this newsletter with lots of coupons for the home depot. The first on you get when you sign up is one that is 5 dollars off when you purchase 50 dollars or more from their garden center. I sure know a lot of people who could use this!
You get this handy dandy newsletter I think monthly, and it has all sorts of tips and tricks and COUPONS! Seriously, this might come in handy.
I can't over fifty bucks on some new planters and of course soil and a lot of unneeded doo-dads that I never can resist.


Cute Gardener Buttons

Wow! I know I rave about Gayla all the time and her wonderful site! But I just need to say: these buttons are a must have! I love all the designs but my personal favorite is the "green thumb,dirty nails" one. These are totally fab and the designs are amazing. You should definetley check out her site if you haven't already.

The Possum

This is just sofunny! This little guys actually kinda cute~!~Although I sure wouldn't like him eatin up my tomatoes OH NO! I'm glad I don't have eggplant because:
  1. I don't like eggplant
  2. I don't want any possums lurking in my garden anytime soon!
Check this out and leave a comment!



My current Kitchen Herb Garden is Parsley, Mint and Oregano. I'm trying to get a whole Mexican/Spanish thing going...I just do not know what kind of basil to get. All my helpful almanacs have failed and even the numerous books I took out from the local library don't give me much more information.
I'm also debating on what kind of chives to purchase..garlic or is a very hard decision. Please! I need help.


I love my tomatoes. Too bad that when I was transplanting them the unripened fruit on two of the San Marzanos gave way! Looks like I'm going to have to wait for some more bees to come help me pollinate them before there is more!

On the subject of bees, I have this huge wasps nest near my roses, and when I try pruning them or even getting close they start hovering around me. Looks like my garden budget is heading to the pest control!